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THE BENEFITS and various type of Custom Printed Towels

Jul 10



Like other items that can be customized towels are able to be used in a variety of ways. They can be used to wick off the condensation of drinks pulled from an ice chest to clean the sweat off your body or face or even to clean your golf clubs after an late visit at the bunker. It is therefore essential to select high-quality towels which are typically woven with an edging or a pile with a soft, absorbent feel. They are able to be used for these (and other) applications. Becoming familiar with the benefits and varieties of custom-branded towels will ensure that you find the best solution.

Because first impressions matter, you'll want to get your logo printed on towels that feel and look like they're worthy of your company's image. However, the quality doesn't stop there. The fabric is of course, the main component, but the various methods of printing are a factor in the overall design of the finished product, too.

Printing Methods

As mentioned above towels absorb moisture and, as one would expect, they're also capable of absorbing the ink used in your printing. This is why when designing towels, be sure you're buying them from a vendor who is aware of the various types of meshes, types of ink and printing methods that are specifically designed for personalized towels. Here are some of the most popular methods to print on towels, along with some details regarding color.


The level of fine detail, and the general style you want to achieve, using tone on ton (water-based discharge printing) or black print could be fantastic alternatives. Tone-on-tone printing makes use of an ink composed of dye and pigment along with water. Since it is a water-based ink it is less thick and may absorb into the towel instead of being atop the fibers. Once the ink has been applied, the ink will be evaporated at a particular temperature for a certain period of time to make sure that the ink has cure.



Black ink is timeless, powerful and adaptable. Names of companies or organizations printed in black ink are difficult to overlook! Like tone-on-tone printing, black printing methods are also dependent on the water be evaporated at a certain temperature for a specified period of time to make sure that the ink has been cure.


Sublimated or full color printing methods result in a full-color image being printed on the one aspect of the towels. When using this kind method of printing the reverse of the towel is white. Digital printers produce a full-color image, or images on special transfer paper using sublimation ink. In the printing process discussed below, the water present in the ink also needs to evaporate in order for the ink to dry. Sublimated Full-Color printing is when it is transfered onto fabrics at certain temperature and pressure, which transforms the image from solid to a gas in the course of. The different method of delivery for the ink does away with the need to evaporate. The temperature at which the images are transferred opens pores of the fabric, allowing for a deep absorption of ink into the fibers of the towel.

The possibility of choosing the colors you'd like is an advantage when you choose this method of customizing. It is important to note that this method isn't identical to applying an image with a conventional thermal transfer sheet. Although both methods have some commonalities but the traditional method of heat transfer and materials simply applies images to the top surface of the cloth. Sublimation that is full-color, the ink will remain a element of the fabric, ensuring the longevity of the color and its saturation.

It is crucial to know the differences between different companies as they utilize conventional screen printing. Screen printing usually uses Plastisol ink. The ink is made up of PVC particles suspended in the form of a plasticizing emulsion. The inks of Plastisol aren't water-soluble. When an item has been screen-printed, Plastisol inks are applied using the fine mesh screen. The inks then are stretched through the screen, allowing them to rest over the fabric to be able to absorb the pattern. The fabric that has been inked must be dried with either a flash dryer or oven. Because of the ink simply resting on top of the fabric and the color of the towel beneath will be apparent when the towel is utilized. Lines and details in the design may disappear when the loops in the fabric change. This could alter the look of the image, logo or the design of the towels. This can be noticeable on other fabric like t-shirts or caps. However when towels are personalized by traditional screen printing because the ink cannot be absorption by the fibers, the fabric may have rough look and feel as opposed to other printing techniques Brandables utilizes. Another drawback to using the PVC ink is the impact it may affect the ability of the towel to absorb water in areas of the towel in which the Plastisol is applied to the fabric. Because of this, the traditional method of printing screen prints on towels isn't advised for personalized or branded towels.



Another option to personalize towels is using embroidery. Like the old-fashioned, time-honored embroidery of the past, contemporary techniques for embroidery utilize threads with colors as well as thread tension, needles or bobbers and occasionally hoops. But, thanks to the latest technology, the embroidery designs for towels are highly clear and precise.

If the idea of using embroidery on your towels isn't feasible within your budget, bear in mind that the design doesn't need to be massive to make an impact! A lot of customers prefer to embroider logos or designs on the top or at the area of their towels. Whatever what the dimensions of your image, text or logos, embroidering gives an impression of luxury that can entice customers to use and show off your towels time and repeatedly.

If you opt for printed towels or custom-designed embroidered towels, either one will add the perfect look and feel to your clients at events for groups and charity events or perhaps family gatherings. Branded towels are a fantastic choice any time you need to create a lasting positive impression about your organization, club or other group. Brandables offers the most effective options to promotional items.