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A Highly Qualified Auto Accident Attorney Phoenix

Aug 15

Auto accidents Phoenix, AZ happen due to a variety of reasons. These accidents are serious and often impact your health and finances. Hiring an auto accident attorney in Phoenix is crucial to fight for your rights and obtain maximum compensation.

At Lloyd Baker Injury Attorneys, we understand how important it is for you to get maximum compensation to cater to medical bills and other damages. We walk the extra mile to assist you in obtaining this compensation by conducting thorough investigations to build a strong case for you.

We take the time and use our resources to uncover all the facts surrounding your case. The following are ways you can expect our Phoenix personal injury lawyer to investigate your claim.

Accident Reconstruction

Police reports often lack a detailed analysis of how the accident happened. This is because they only show up at the location after the incident, so they mostly record the damage and other aftermath.

Our auto accident lawyer in Phoenix works with accident reconstruction experts to gather vital details on what happened. We stimulate the conditions and variable factors before, during, and after the accident. This way, we uncover the cause of your injuries and the party responsible for the accident.

Reviewing Surveillance Footage

Proving fault in an accident is challenging because first-hand evidence is key. Our accident lawyer in Phoenix obtains surveillance footage from the scene and uncovers valuable evidence to support your case.

Interviewing Witnesses

If witnesses are not interviewed on time, they might forget what happened, or you might find it difficult to locate them. Luckily, our accident attorney in Phoenix located and used subpoenas to secure their testimonies. It helps to uncover the truth and substantiate your claim in court.

Conducting Background Checks and Records Research

Getting the defendant to accept liability is one of the most challenging things in auto accident cases. However, our team does everything possible to ensure everything works in your favor. For instance, we can pull the emergency call audios, police reports, and the defendant’s driving history information. This way, we leverage them to be accountable for their negligence.

Lloyd Baker Injury Attorneys is the go-to law firm for auto accident cases. Our auto accident attorney in Phoenix conducts thorough, independent investigations to build a strong case and get you maximum compensation. Please get in touch, and we’ll be at your service.

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